Featured Map for 15 June 2010:
Continental 787s to Africa


Yesterday, Continental Airlines announced plans to being daily non-stop flights to Lagos, Nigeria from its Houston hub, the second route Continental has announced for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner following the announcement last month of IAH-AKL service. The first departure to Lagos is planned for 10 November 2011, to be followed by the first trip to Auckland on 16 November 2011.

Three 787s will be required to operate the two routes on a daily basis, with approximately four hours on the ground in Houston each way, a quick 90-minute scheduled turn in Lagos, and 11 hours in Auckland. (IAH-AKL will have "five-times-weekly service during certain periods in the first year of operation" according to the announcement of that service.)


Yesterday's announcement included the following bit of airline geography trivia:

With the addition of flights to Africa, Houston will become one of just four cities in the world - and the only city in the Western Hemisphere - to have nonstop service to every inhabited continent on the globe.

Presumably Continental is counting New Zealand as being part of the continent of Australia, a questionable claim at best. (The Wikipedia article titled Australia (continent) elucidates why New Zealand is not part of the continent of Australia.) The other three cities with non-stop service to all six continents other than Antarctica will be the subject of a future featured map. Hint: Each of the three cities is the hub for an airline. The airlne hubbed at one city offers non-stops to and from all six populated continents, the second won't touch all six continents until later this month, and the third city depends on a second airline for non-stop service to one of the six continents.


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