Featured Maps: American Airlines at Miami (11 June 2010)

American Airlines operates one of its four hubs at Miami International Airport (MIA)—the other three are at DFW, ORD, and JFK. The Miami hub is distinctive as it is American's primary gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean—of 80 destinations American serves from Miami (excluding those served by regional affiliate American Eagle, which itself operates a large hub at Miami), 49 are in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, plus Bermuda. Other destinations include 26 in the United States (not counting three in Caribbean territories Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), three in Europe, and two in Canada.

The 220 daily departures use every aircraft type in American's fleet except the Super 80, ironically American's most numerous type. The number of departures per type is as follows:

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words so here is a map of American's services from Miami within the Americas north of the equator, with domestic destinations in the continental United States in light blue. (SFO and LAX are off the map.)

American Airlines at Miami: near flights

A second map shows American's more distant destinations, including 11 "deep Latin" destinations south of the equator and the three destiations in Europe.

American Airlines at Miami: longer flights

Thanks to Russell Riggins for providing the data on American's operations at Miami International Airport used for these featured maps!


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