Featured Maps: Second Blue Moon of 2010 (29 March 2010)

If you live at least eight hours east of GMT (Perth and Beijing and points east -- plus all of China, which is a single time zone), you are in for a rare treat mid-day on 30 March: the second Blue Moon of the year. Double Blue Moons typically occur only four or five times in a century.

Of course you won't be able to see the full moon at mid-day, but you can use the Great Circle Mapper to explore the moon:

Apollo landing sites

Viewing the western hemisphere is interesting as doing so shows the contrast between the Earth-facing moon on the right and the heavily-cratered far side on the left. Readily visible is the distinctive Mare Orientale, resembling a bull's-eye, which is barely out of view from Earth.

Apollo landing sites

Even if your travels are closer to Earth, the Great Circle Mapper can help you explore where you might land.


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