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ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PGUA UAM UAM Yigo [Andersen AFB], Guam, US
GMMD BEM Béni Mellal (Ouad Yaich) [Beni Mellal Airport], Tadla-Azilal, MA
KUCC UCC NV11 Mercury (Yucca Flat) [Yucca Airstrip], Nevada, US
JMY Freetown [Mammy Yoko Heliport], SL
FZCY Yuki, Bandundu, CD
SGSP San Pedro del Ycuamandiyú (San Pedro Ycua Mandiyú), San Pedro, PY
FKKJ GXX Yagoua [Yagoua Airport], Far North, CM
RKSU Yeoju Range, KR
MHYX Yaxu [Yaxu Airport], Gracias a Dios, HN
FKAY Yoko, Centre, CM
SPYU Yauca, Arequipa, PE
DFCY Yako [Yako Airport], BF
2CA8 Yucca Valley [B & E Ranch Airport], California, US
69MN Breckenridge [Yaggie Airport (Private)], Minnesota, US
AZ34 Yucca [Massey Farm Airport], Arizona, US
L22 Yucca Valley, California, US
8CA6 Yucca Valley [Yucca Valley Service Center Heliport], California, US
6CA5 Yucca Valley [Valley Vista Airport], California, US
YUHO Yucca House National Monument [Yucca House NM], Colorado, US
SLKY Puerto Yuca, BO

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