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Location codes 41-60 of 63 in Nunavut, Canada:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CWJC Ennadai Lake (MAPS), Nunavut, CA
(YUI) Cape Young (Kitikmeot) [PIN-2 DEW Line Auxiliary site], Nunavut, CA (Airport is no longer in operation)
CHKU Whiskey (MARS), Nunavut, CA
CWXV Back River (MAPS), Nunavut, CA
CWJY Yathkyed Lake (MAPS), Nunavut, CA
CWUP Cape Hooper, Nunavut, CA
CYUR Gladman Point, Nunavut, CA
CWIC Isachsen (MAPS), Nunavut, CA
CWWV Killinek (MAPS), Nunavut, CA
YRE Resolution Island, Nunavut, CA
CMB2 Meadowbank Gold Mine [Meadowbank Aerodrome], Nunavut, CA
(CJX7) Arctic Bay [Arctic Bay Airport], Nunavut, CA (Airport is no longer in operation)
CJD7 Cambridge Bay [Cambridge Bay Water Aerodrome], Nunavut, CA
CMR2 Mary River [Mary River Aerodrome], Nunavut, CA
CGS2 Goose Lake [Goose Lake Aerodrome], Nunavut, CA
CHC5 Sandspit Lake [Hayes Camp Aerodrome], Nunavut, CA
CJQ6 Tanquary Fiord [Tanquary Fiord Airport], Nunavut, CA
CJK6 Baker Lake [Baker Lake Water Aerodrome], Nunavut, CA
CJY2 Polaris [Little Cornwallis Island], Nunavut, CA
CRV8 Arviat (Eskimo Point) [Arviat Water Aerodrome], Kivalliq, Nunavut, CA

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