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Location codes 1-20 of 21 in Bolívar, Venezuela:

ICAO  IATA  Location
SVPR PZO Puerto Ordaz (Ciudad Guayana) [General Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport], Bolívar, VE
SVCB CBL Ciudad Bolívar [Tomás de Heres Airport], Bolívar, VE
SVCN CAJ Canaima, Bolívar, VE
SVV San Salvador de Paul, Bolívar, VE
SVSE SNV Santa Elena de Uairen (Auarada), Bolívar, VE
SVAS LPJ Pijiguaos (Los Pijiguaos) [Armando Schwarck], Bolívar, VE
SVUQ Uonquén (Uon-Quen), Bolívar, VE
SVDP La Divina Pastora [Divina Pastora Airport], Bolívar, VE
SVTM TMO Tumeremo, Bolívar, VE
SVPP Luepa, Bolívar, VE
SVKA KAV Kavanayén, Bolívar, Bolívar, VE
SVDW Ciudad Piar, Bolívar, VE
SVED EOR El Dorado, Bolívar, VE
SVUM URM Uriman [Uriman Airport], Bolívar, VE
SVIC ICA Icabaru, Bolívar, VE
SVKM KTV Kamarata (Camarata), Bolívar, VE
SVUP Upata, Bolívar, VE
PPH Peraitepuy, Bolívar, VE
SVGT Guasipati [Guasipati Airport], Bolívar, VE
SVET El Manteco, Bolívar, VE

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