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Location codes 21-40 of 130 in Wyoming, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KPOY POY POY Powell [Muni], Wyoming, US
KDUB DUB Dubois [Muni], Wyoming, US
KEMM EMM EMM Kemmerer [Muni], Wyoming, US
KECS ECS ECS Newcastle [Mondell Field], Wyoming, US
KLND LND LND Lander [Hunt Field], Wyoming, US
KPNA PNA Pinedale [Ralph Wenz Field], Wyoming, US
KDGW DGW DGW Douglas [Converse County Airport], Wyoming, US
KGUR GUR Guernsey [Camp Guernsey Airport], Wyoming, US
KEVW EVW EVW Evanston [Evanston-Uinta County Burns Field], Wyoming, US
KEAN EAN EAN Wheatland [Phifer Airfield], Wyoming, US
KDWX DWX Dixon, Wyoming, US
KPIN Piney Creek, Wyoming, US
KFBR FBR FBR Fort Bridger, Wyoming, US
KHSG HSG Thermopolis [Hot Springs County Airport], Wyoming, US
KHAD HAD Casper [Harford Field], Wyoming, US
23WY Jackson [St. John's Medical Center Heliport], Wyoming, US
WY50 Cheyenne [Cheyenne Echo Heliport], Wyoming, US
82V Pine Bluffs [Muni], Wyoming, US
U68 Cowley/Lovell/Byron [North Big Horn County Airport], Wyoming, US
8WY6 Ten Sleep [Lazy T Ranch Airport], Wyoming, US

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