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Location codes 41-60 of 550 in Wisconsin, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KHXF HXF Hartford [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KRYV RYV Watertown [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KMDZ MDF MDZ Medford [Taylor County Airport], Wisconsin, US
KHYR HYR HYR Hayward [Sawyer County Airport], Wisconsin, US
KEFT EFT Monroe [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KEZS EZS Shawano [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KMTW MTW MTW Manitowoc [Manitowoc County Airport], Wisconsin, US
KDLL DLL Baraboo [Baraboo-Wisconsin Dells Regional], Wisconsin, US
KCLI CLI CLI Clintonville [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KRRL RRL RRL Merrill [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KPKF PKF PKF Park Falls [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KAHH AHH AHH Amery [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KBDJ BDJ Boulder Junction [Boulder Junction Payzer Airport], Wisconsin, US
KPVB PVB Platteville [Muni], Wisconsin, US
ZML Milwaukee [Railroad Station], Wisconsin, US
KOLG OLG Solon Springs [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KUBE UBE Cumberland [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KBCK BCK Black River Falls [Black River Falls Area Airport], Wisconsin, US
KGTG GTG GTG Grantsburg [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KRCX RCX Ladysmith [Rusk County Airport], Wisconsin, US

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