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Location codes 21-40 of 546 in Wisconsin, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KRAC RAC RAC Racine [Batten Intl], Wisconsin, US
XES C02 Lake Geneva [Grand Geneva Resort Airport], Wisconsin, US
KISW ISW ISW Wisconsin Rapids [Alexander Field South Wood County Airport], Wisconsin, US
KFLD FLD FLD Fond Du Lac [Fond Du Lac County Airport], Wisconsin, US
KSBM SBM SBM Sheboygan [Sheboygan County Memorial Airport], Wisconsin, US
KETB ETB ETB West Bend [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KRNH RNH RNH New Richmond [New Richmond Regional], Wisconsin, US
KRPD RIE RPD Rice Lake [Rice Lake Regional - Carl's Field], Wisconsin, US
KMRJ MRJ Mineral Point [Iowa County Airport], Wisconsin, US
KSTE STE STE Stevens Point [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KSUE SUE SUE Sturgeon Bay [Door County Cherryland Airport], Wisconsin, US
KASX ASX ASX Ashland [John F Kennedy Memorial Airport], Wisconsin, US
KVOK VOK VOK Camp Douglas [Volk Field], Wisconsin, US
KOCQ OCQ Oconto [Oconto-J Douglas Bake Muni], Wisconsin, US
KUNU UNU UNU Juneau [Dodge County Airport], Wisconsin, US
KLNR LNR LNR Lone Rock [Tri-County Regional], Wisconsin, US
KPCZ PCZ Waupaca [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KBUU BUU Burlington [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KEFT EFT Monroe [Muni], Wisconsin, US
KMFI MFI MFI Marshfield [Muni], Wisconsin, US

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