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Location codes 161-180 of 548 in Washington, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WN92 Spokane [Sky Meadows Airpark], Washington, US
WN42 Buckley [Flying H Ranch Airport], Washington, US
WT02 Richland [Hammer Evoc Skid Pad], Washington, US
0WN9 Omak [Wings For Christ Airport], Washington, US
WA21 Colbert [Sunshine Acres Airport], Washington, US
14WA Olympia [LZ Ranch Airport], Washington, US
WN51 Burlington [Bayview Farms Airport], Washington, US
8WA4 Olympia [Providence St. Peters Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
WT00 Aberdeen [Grays Harbor Community Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
WA60 Sequim [Fort Discovery Heliport], Washington, US
2WA6 Grand Coulee [Rice Ranch Airport], Washington, US
11S Sekiu, Washington, US
02WA South Prairie [Cawleys South Prairie Airport], Washington, US
S94 Colfax [Port of Whitman Business Air Center Airport], Washington, US
WN43 Colfax [Lower Granite Dam Heliport], Washington, US
5WA3 Walla Walla [St. Mary Medical Center Heliport], Washington, US
WN45 Yakima [Take Five Airport], Washington, US
WN29 Sequim [Blue Ribbon Airport], Washington, US
WA13 Chelan [Seaplane Landing Area SPB], Washington, US
2WA5 Grand Coulee [Coulee Medical Center Heliport], Washington, US

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