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Location codes 141-160 of 552 in Washington, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WA28 Auburn [Private H/C Pad], Washington, US
WA61 Kingston [Thompson Airport], Washington, US
WA71 Issaquah [Kelly Ranch Heliport], Washington, US
WN59 Onalaska [Nelsons Nitch Airport], Washington, US
6WA5 Shaw Island [Wilding Farm Airport], Washington, US
16WA Nine Mile Falls [Tightcliff Airport], Washington, US
8WA4 Olympia [Providence St. Peters Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
60WA Auburn [J J H Heliport], Washington, US
0WA9 Everett [NS Everett Heliport], Washington, US
WA45 Discovery Bay/Maynard [Olympic Field], Washington, US
HRNM Hanford Reach National Monument [Hanford Reach NM], Washington, US
2S9 South Bend (Raymond) [Willapa Harbor Airport], Washington, US
3B8 Spanaway [Shady Acres Airport], Washington, US
94WA Aberdeen [Wishkah River Ranch Airport], Washington, US
1S2 Darrington [Muni], Washington, US
8WA7 St. John [Gossard Field], Washington, US
6WA4 Othello [Ochoa Field], Washington, US
16W Starbuck [Little Goose Lock and Dam Airport], Washington, US
WN92 Spokane [Sky Meadows Airpark], Washington, US
WN42 Buckley [Flying H Ranch Airport], Washington, US

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