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Location codes 381-400 of 552 in Washington, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
WA04 Snohomish [Kyles Airport], Washington, US
48WA Yakima [West Valley Airport], Washington, US
75WA White Salmon [Port Elsner Airport], Washington, US
W39 Roche Harbor [Roche Harbor SPB], San Juan Island, Washington, US
WN88 Ocean Park [Martin Airport], Washington, US
W09 Kahlotus [Lower Monumental State Airport], Washington, US
5WA8 Ocean Shores [Hogan's Corner Airport], Washington, US
WN87 Enumclaw [Bryan Airport], Washington, US
13WA Orondo [Rocky Pond Airstrip], Washington, US
18JY Skamokawa [Skamokawa East Valley Airport], Washington, US
9WA3 River Bend Lodge [River Bend Airport], Washington, US
WA51 Moses Lake [Samaritan Hospital RMS Heliport], Washington, US
7WA2 Port Townsend [Jefferson General Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
WN40 Coupeville [Coupeville Airpark], Whidbey Island, Washington, US
WS87 Twisp [Port Field], Washington, US
S97 Brewster [Anderson Field], Washington, US
WA35 Eastsound [Clam Harbor Airport], Orcas Island, Washington, US
15S Lester [Lester State Ultralight Flightpark], Washington, US
00WA Longbranch [Howell Airport], Washington, US
6WA6 Pasco [Carr Airport], Washington, US

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