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Location codes 281-300 of 560 in Washington, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
1RL Point Roberts [Point Roberts Airpark], Washington, US
WN21 Port Angeles [Lawson Airpark], Washington, US
7WA2 Port Townsend [Jefferson General Hospital Heliport], Washington, US
44WA White Salmon [Skyline Hospital EMS Heliport], Washington, US
52WT Touchet [Galt's Gulch Airport], Washington, US
0WA1 Chehalis [Dwight Field], Washington, US
83WA Walla Walla [Darcy's Air Strip], Washington, US
75WA White Salmon [Port Elsner Airport], Washington, US
WA13 Chelan [Seaplane Landing Area SPB], Washington, US
WA21 Colbert [Sunshine Acres Airport], Washington, US
82WA Ellensburg [Kittitas Valley Healthcare Heliport], Washington, US
23WA Puyallup [Bcag - Frederickson Heliport], Washington, US
1WA1 Redmond [Weber Point Heliport], Washington, US
WT21 Deer Park [Radial Flyer Airport], Washington, US
WS87 Twisp [Port Field], Washington, US
WA25 Granite Falls [Green Valley Airfield], Washington, US
WA57 Addy [Bluecreek Airport], Washington, US
WN04 Elk [Elk Heights Airport], Washington, US
96WA Everett [Jim & Julie's Airport], Washington, US
WA79 Amboy [Walter Suttons Strip], Washington, US

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