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Location codes 61-80 of 93 in Vermont, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
67VT Burlington [University of Vermont Medical Center Heliport], Vermont, US
66VT Shoreham [Symon Airport], Vermont, US
B06 Vergennes [Basin Harbor Airport], Vermont, US
VT65 Barre [Central Vermont Medical Center Heliport], Vermont, US
VT31 Washington [Carriers Skypark Airport], Vermont, US
VT45 Jericho [Davis Airport], Vermont, US
11VT Killington [Burke Heliport], Vermont, US
VT17 Ludlow [Smith Airport], Vermont, US
VT8 Shelburne, Vermont, US
VT73 Bridport [Melrose Springs Airfield], Vermont, US
VT14 Weybridge [Axinn Airport], Vermont, US
VT40 Ferdinand [Wenlock Crossing Heliport], Vermont, US
VT44 Morrisville [Perras Field], Vermont, US
VT63 North Troy [Douglas Field], Vermont, US
VT06 Putney [Santa's Airport], Vermont, US
1VT8 Castleton [Mortimer Brown Landing Airport], Vermont, US
VT70 Newport [North Country Hospital Heliport], Vermont, US
47VT Panton [Cub Field], Vermont, US
VT22 Shelburne [Shelburne Farms Airport], Vermont, US
VT33 Brandon [BLSG Brandon Heliport], Vermont, US

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