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Location codes 41-60 of 93 in Vermont, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
37VT Shoreham [Brisson Airport], Vermont, US
88VT Isle Lamotte [Hawk's Nest Airport], Vermont, US
6B0 Middlebury [Middlebury State Airport], Vermont, US
VT01 Huntington [Teal Farm Airport], Vermont, US
0B7 Warren [Warren-Sugarbush Airport], Vermont, US
VT96 Milton [Mansfield Heliflight Inc. Heliport], Vermont, US
VT10 Bridport [Manning Personal Airstrip], Vermont, US
VT57 Colchester [Malletts Head SPB], Vermont, US
36VT North Hero [North Hero Passage SPB], Vermont, US
VT39 Wolcott [Taylor Airport], Vermont, US
VT38 Alburg [Greenwoods Airfield], Vermont, US
VT53 Panton [Bailey Airport], Vermont, US
VT61 Rutland [Rutland Regional Medical Center Heliport], Vermont, US
VT16 Rutland [Velco Heliport], Vermont, US
2VT2 Alburg [Northern Lights SPB], Vermont, US
VT03 Lincoln [Maule's Roost Airport], Vermont, US
VT08 Bradford [Bradford Armory Heliport], Vermont, US
VT13 Chester [Holloway Airport], Vermont, US
VT23 Shelburne [Bostwick Farm Airport], Vermont, US
VT43 Townshend [Onyon Airport], Vermont, US

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