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Location codes 21-40 of 93 in Vermont, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
05VT Highgate Springs [Port of Highgate Springs Heliport], Vermont, US
07VT Jericho [Meadow Airport], Vermont, US
VT64 Morristown [Mountain View Farm Airport], Vermont, US
5B1 Island Pond [John H Boylan State Airport (Island Pond)], Vermont, US
VT26 South Hero [Allenholm Airport], Vermont, US
VT88 South Lincoln [Vtpad Heliport], Vermont, US
VT30 Waitsfield [Ketcham Landing Area Airport], Vermont, US
22VT Johnsbury [Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital Heliport], Vermont, US
VT80 Weybridge [Monument Farms Dairy Bittersweet Falls RD Heliport], Vermont, US
VT32 Brookline [Bobby Heliport], Vermont, US
VT62 Cabot [Catamount Airfield], Vermont, US
VT54 Cornwall [Foote Farm Association RLA Heliport], Vermont, US
2B9 Post Mills, Vermont, US
48VT Colchester [Cub Cove SPB], Vermont, US
VT46 Alburg [Northern Lights Airport], Vermont, US
42VT Shelburne [Frogs End Airport], Vermont, US
29VT Grand Isle [Middle Hero SPB], Vermont, US
VT55 Randolph [Brandon Airport], Vermont, US
VT09 Addison [Spencer Airport], Vermont, US
VT37 Windsor [Windsor Armory Heliport], Vermont, US

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