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Location codes 161-180 of 430 in Virginia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
66VA Manassas [LM Building 110 Heliport], Virginia, US
WBNM George Washington Birthplace National Monument [George Washington Birthplace NM], Virginia, US
79VG Eagle Rock [Perkey Airport], Virginia, US
VA74 Mineral [Caton South Heliport], Virginia, US
VA73 Matoaca [Mazza Airport], Virginia, US
7VA9 Monterey [Hannah Field], Virginia, US
31VA Smithfield [Aberdeen Field], Virginia, US
W94 Williamsburg [Camp Peary Landing Strip], Virginia, US
FOMR Hampton [Fort Monroe NM (Fort Monroe National Monument)], Virginia, US
1VA8 Chase City [Hazelswart Airport], Virginia, US
7VG0 Warrenton [Lost Griz Aerodrome], Virginia, US
90VA Orange [Hen & Bacon Airport], Virginia, US
53VA Midland [Horse Feathers Airport], Virginia, US
VA13 Rustburg [Breezy Knoll Airport], Virginia, US
2VG4 Nelson County [Deer Run Heliport], Virginia, US
4VA7 Grundy [United Coal Heliport], Virginia, US
34VA Leesburg [Inova Loudoun Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US
7W4 Bumpass [Lake Anna Airport], Virginia, US
5VA2 Bristol [Sullins Heliport], Virginia, US
72VA Fairfax [Inova Fairfax Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US

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