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Location codes 341-360 of 430 in Virginia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
6VA8 Crozet [Mirador Heliport], Virginia, US
VA30 Culpeper [Berryvale Airport], Virginia, US
14VG Farmville [Abilene Airport], Virginia, US
25VA Aylett [Toddsbury Farm Airport], Virginia, US
W24 Lynchburg [Falwell Airport], Virginia, US
4VA9 Rixeyville [Pleasantdale Field], Virginia, US
10VA Appomattox [Nashs Airport], Virginia, US
05VA Farmville [Providence Airport], Virginia, US
VA52 Harrisonburg [Frank Field], Virginia, US
VG47 Roanoke [Carilion Patient Transportation Services Heliport], Virginia, US
VA92 Onancock [Peace and Plenty Farm Airport], Virginia, US
VA20 Painter [Painter Field], Virginia, US
VA84 Cape Charles [Point Farm Heliport], Virginia, US
00VI Hillsville [Groundhog Mountain Airport], Virginia, US
VA99 Reedville [Federhart-Ophelia Airport], Virginia, US
6VA6 Roseland [Roseland Rescue Squad Heliport], Virginia, US
VG08 Blacksburg [Montgomery Regional Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US
VA88 Norfolk [Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US
8VA1 Buckingham [Slate River Airpark], Virginia, US
23VA Buckingham [Wheatland Airport], Virginia, US

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