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Location codes 241-260 of 430 in Virginia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
30VA Richlands [Clinch Valley Medical Center Heliport], Virginia, US
89VA Edinburg [Hidden River Airport], Virginia, US
1VA1 Stuart [Micro Airport], Virginia, US
9VA5 Bluemont [Bluegrass Heliport], Virginia, US
7VA2 Colonial Heights [Technical Center Heliport], Virginia, US
VA07 Tazewell [Burkes Garden Airport], Virginia, US
79VA Windsor [Windsor Heliport], Virginia, US
W31 Kenbridge [Lunenburg County Airport], Virginia, US
VG57 Catlett [Maples Field], Virginia, US
VA24 Concord [Skovhus Airport], Virginia, US
95VA Danville [Buck Hollar Airport], Virginia, US
VG93 Fort Belvoir [Fort Belvoir Community Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US
VA80 Galax [Twin County Regional Heliport], Virginia, US
9VG Weirwood [Campbell Field], Virginia, US
64VA Virginia Beach [Creeds Heliport], Virginia, US
9VA9 Franklin [Southampton Memorial Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US
6VG8 Leesburg [Longview Heliport], Virginia, US
VG48 Yorktown [Clear Moore Corp Kenneth Moore Heliport], Virginia, US
88VA Culpeper [Belmont Farm Airport], Virginia, US
2VA7 Virginia Beach [Virginia Beach General Hospital Heliport], Virginia, US

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