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Location codes 221-240 of 422 in Virginia, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
15VA Warrenton [Fox Acres Airport], Virginia, US
1VA2 Salem [Lewis Gale Clinic Inc. Heliport], Virginia, US
VG01 Keysville [Eureka Airport], Virginia, US
VA81 Mineral [Cub Field], Virginia, US
W31 Kenbridge [Lunenburg County Airport], Virginia, US
39VA Salem [Lewis Gale Medical Center Heliport], Virginia, US
12VA Clifton Forge [Hop-Along Airport], Virginia, US
6VG4 Arcola [Stonesprings Heliport], Virginia, US
20VA Bowling Green [Woodford Airpark], Virginia, US
1VG2 Montross [Whitehall Farm Airport], Virginia, US
7VA7 Richmond [Virginia Dmv Headquarters Heliport], Virginia, US
31VA Smithfield [Aberdeen Field], Virginia, US
3VA5 Leesburg [Goose Hunt Farm Airport], Virginia, US
W91 Moneta [Smith Mountain Lake Airport], Virginia, US
VG15 White Stone [White Stone Family Practice Heliport], Virginia, US
VA23 Coles Point [Sanford Field], Virginia, US
29VA Remington [Rhynalds Ranch Airport], Virginia, US
4VA9 Rixeyville [Pleasantdale Field], Virginia, US
VG09 Cape Charles [Starbase Airport], Virginia, US
3VA9 Danville [Danville Rescue Heliport], Virginia, US

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