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Location codes 61-80 of 185 in Utah, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CANY Canyonlands National Park [Canyonlands NP], Utah, US
UT16 Ogden [McKay-Dee Hospital Center Heliport], Utah, US
3UT7 Heber City [Losee Villa Heliport], Utah, US
U96 Halls Crossing [Cal Black Memorial Airport], Utah, US
ARCH Arches National Park [Arches NP], Utah, US
23UT Logan [Cache Valley Hospital Heliport], Utah, US
U52 Beaver [Muni], Utah, US
1L7 Escalante [Muni], Utah, US
UT23 West Valley City [Jordan Valley Medical Center-West Valley Campus Heliport], Utah, US
UT13 South Jordan [Number 18 Airport], Utah, US
01UT La Sal [La Sal Junction Airport], Utah, US
07UT Howell [E Northrop Grumman Airport], Utah, US
03UT Mexican Hat [A Z Minerals Corporation Airport], Utah, US
UT98 Salt Lake City [Redwood Health Center Heliport], Utah, US
UT46 Tooele [Tooele Army Depot /South Area Heliport], Utah, US
U69 Duchesne [Muni], Utah, US
74V Roosevelt [Muni], Utah, US
UT39 North Salt Lake [A A Helicopters Inc. Heliport], Utah, US
UT36 Cedar City [Wecco Heliport], Utah, US
UT80 Cedar City [Hamilton Fort Ranch Airport], Utah, US

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