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Location codes 41-60 of 2116 in Texas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KCOT COT COT Cotulla [Cotulla-La Salle County Airport], Texas, US
KJXI JXI Gilmer [Fox Stephens Field / Gilmer Muni], Texas, US
KTYR TYR TYR Tyler [Tyler Pounds Regional], Texas, US
KBYY BBC BYY Bay City [Bay City Regional], Texas, US
KHYI HYI Austin [San Marcos Regional], Texas, US
KRBD RBD RBD Dallas [Dallas Exec Airport], Texas, US
KSSF SSF SSF San Antonio [Stinson Muni (Stinson Field)], Texas, US
KHBV HBV Hebbronville [Jim Hogg County Airport], Texas, US
KPRX PRX PRX Paris [Cox Field], Texas, US
KDTO DTO Denton [Denton Enterprise Airport], Texas, US
KHDO HDO Hondo [South Texas Regional at Hondo], Texas, US
KGLS GLS GLS Galveston [Scholes Intl at Galveston], Texas, US
KVCT VCT VCT Victoria [Victoria Regional], Texas, US
KRND RND RND Universal City [Randolph AFB], Texas, US
KBAZ BAZ New Braunfels [New Braunfels National Airport], Texas, US
KOCH OCH OCH Nacogdoches [Nacogdoches A L Mangham Jr. Regional], Texas, US
KGTU GTU Georgetown [Georgetown Exec Airport], Texas, US
KNGP NGP NGP Corpus Christi [NAS Corpus Christi (Truax Field)], Texas, US
KTME TME Houston [Houston Exec Airport], Texas, US
KERV ERV ERV Kerrville [Muni/Louis Schreiner Field], Texas, US

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