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Location codes 181-200 of 2116 in Texas, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KRFI RFI Henderson [Rusk County Airport], Texas, US
KECU ECU Rocksprings [Edwards County Airport], Texas, US
KLNC LNC Lancaster [Lancaster Regional], Texas, US
KLXY LXY Mexia [Mexia-Limestone County Airport], Texas, US
KBKS BKS Falfurrias [Brooks County Airport], Texas, US
KWEA WEA WEA Weatherford [Parker County Airport], Texas, US
KHPY HPY HPY Baytown, Texas, US
KNOG NOG Orange Grove [Orange Grove NALF Airport], Texas, US
KHHF HHF Canadian [Hemphill County Airport], Texas, US
KSWW SWW SWW Sweetwater [Avenger Field], Texas, US
CUX Corpus Christi [Cuddihy Field], Texas, US
KLZZ LZZ Lampasas, Texas, US
KNGT NGT Berclair [Goliad NOLF Airport], Texas, US
KSEQ SEQ Seguin [Randolph AFB Auxiliary Airport], Texas, US
KCPT CPT Cleburne [Cleburne Regional], Texas, US
KAPY APY Zapata [Zapata County Airport], Texas, US
3XA5 Nassau Bay [Houston Methodist St. John Hospital Heliport], Texas, US
1TA5 Denver City [Two Leggs Airport], Texas, US
KBFE BFE Brownfield [Terry County Airport], Texas, US
CCG E13 Crane [Crane County Airport], Texas, US

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