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Location codes 161-180 of 351 in Tennessee, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
4TN4 Eads [Cotton Field], Tennessee, US
0TN9 Knoxville [East Tennessee Children's Hospital Heliport], Tennessee, US
37TN Sweetwater [University of Tennessee Lifestar Sweetwater Heliport], Tennessee, US
0TN8 Chattanooga [Erlanger Medical Center Heliport], Tennessee, US
TN12 Lewisburg [Hudgin Air Airport], Tennessee, US
3TN1 Memphis [Methodist Hospital-North Heliport], Tennessee, US
TN36 Ripley [Flying I Ranch Airport], Tennessee, US
TN08 Oliver Springs [Oliver Springs Inc. Airport], Tennessee, US
TN13 Sharps Chapel [Old Valley Airport], Tennessee, US
8TN1 Eads [Parker Airport], Tennessee, US
0M3 Hohenwald [Paul Bridges Field], Tennessee, US
5TN6 Savannah [Hardin County General Hospital Heliport], Tennessee, US
4TN1 Birchwood [Happy Landings Airport], Tennessee, US
0TN7 Knoxville [Horne Properties Heliport], Tennessee, US
6TN3 Sevierville [Sixty Six Heliport], Tennessee, US
0TN1 Tullahoma [Tims Ford SPB], Tennessee, US
TN90 Chattanooga [Mathews Heliport], Tennessee, US
0TN3 Knoxville [Park West Heliport], Tennessee, US
92A Benton [Chilhowee Gliderport], Tennessee, US
99TN Brownsville [Haywood County EMS Heliport], Tennessee, US

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