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Location codes 101-120 of 351 in Tennessee, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GRSM Great Smoky Mountains National Park [Great Smoky Mountains NP], Tennessee, US
TN54 Johnson City [Mountain View Airport], Tennessee, US
TN65 Murfreesburg [Long Meadow Airstrip], Tennessee, US
30TN Nashville [Tristar Skyline Medical Center Heliport], Tennessee, US
TN79 Nashville [Oakley Airport], Tennessee, US
24TN Manchester [Unity Medical Center Heliport], Tennessee, US
9TN0 Nashville [Summit Medical Center Heliport], Tennessee, US
9TN3 Mountain City [East Tennessee Helicopters Heliport], Tennessee, US
93TN Gray [Center Field], Tennessee, US
40TN Bean Station [Cloud 9 Aerodrome], Tennessee, US
TN71 Lenoir City [Cox Farm Airport], Tennessee, US
TN35 Nashville [Vanderbilt University Medical Center Heliport], Tennessee, US
TN92 Nashville [Metrocenter Heliport], Tennessee, US
6A4 Mountain City [Johnson County Airport], Tennessee, US
M08 Bolivar [William L Whitehurst Field], Tennessee, US
7TN5 Hickory Valley [Flying D Airport], Tennessee, US
6TN7 Grand Junction [St. Somewhere Airport], Tennessee, US
5TN2 Johnson City [Windmill Hill Airport], Tennessee, US
14TN Memphis [News Channel 3 Heliport], Tennessee, US
3TN8 Lenoir City [Seabrook Airport], Tennessee, US

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