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Location codes 21-40 of 351 in Tennessee, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KMOR MOR MOR Morristown [Moore-Murrell Airport], Tennessee, US
KMBT MBT Murfreesboro [Muni], Tennessee, US
KFYM FYM FYM Fayetteville [Muni], Tennessee, US
KBGF BGF Winchester [Muni], Tennessee, US
KEOD EOD Fort Campbell (Clarksville) [Sabre AAF Airport (Fort Campbell)], Tennessee, US
KPHT PHT PHT Paris [Henry County Airport], Tennessee, US
KSRB SRB Sparta [Upper Cumberland Regional], Tennessee, US
KGHM GHM GHM Centerville [Muni], Tennessee, US
KJAU JAU Jacksboro [Colonel Tommy C Stiner Airfield], Tennessee, US
KFGU FGU Collegedale [Muni], Tennessee, US
KXNX XNX Gallatin [Music City Exec Airport], Tennessee, US
KCKV CKV CKV Clarksville [Outlaw Field], Tennessee, US
KCSV CSV CSV Crossville [Crossville Memorial-Whitson Field], Tennessee, US
KHDI HDI Cleveland [Hardwick Field], Tennessee, US
KUOS UOS UOS Sewanee [Franklin County Airport], Tennessee, US
KRZR RZR Cleveland [Cleveland Regional Jetport], Tennessee, US
KAPT APT APT Jasper [Marion County/Brown Field], Tennessee, US
KSNH SNH Savannah [Savannah-Hardin County Airport], Tennessee, US
KAYX AYX Tullahoma [Arnold AFB], Tennessee, US
KLUG LUG Lewisburg [Ellington Airport], Tennessee, US

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