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Location codes 181-190 of 190 in South Dakota, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
9SD7 Selby [Beaman Airport], South Dakota, US
SD78 Kennebec [Anderson Aerial Spraying Airport], South Dakota, US
SD87 Platte [Platte Community Memorial Hospital Heliport], South Dakota, US
SD13 Doland [Hofer Airport (Private)], South Dakota, US
SD29 Beresford [Glenwood Field], South Dakota, US
SD42 Bridgewater [Waltner & Richards Airport], South Dakota, US
SD45 Redfield [Community Memorial Hospital Heliport], South Dakota, US
20SD White [Lutgen Airport], South Dakota, US
10SD Wanblee [Wanblee Health Center Heliport], South Dakota, US
00SD Gary [Homan Field], South Dakota, US

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