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Location codes 281-300 of 765 in Pennsylvania, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PN01 Dorseyville [Cedar Run Airport], Pennsylvania, US
4PA4 Lock Haven [UPMC Susquehanna Lock Haven Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
8PA8 Palmerton [Sunny Rest Airport], Pennsylvania, US
42PN Pittsburgh [Allegheny General Hospital Emergency Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
96PA Lock Haven [Nils SPB], Pennsylvania, US
79N Unionville [Ridge Soaring Gliderport], Pennsylvania, US
2PA2 Auburn [Hillview Airport], Pennsylvania, US
70PN Sugar Grove [Sanders Personal Use Airport], Pennsylvania, US
00A Bensalem [Total RF Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA43 Callery [Foley Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PS07 Coaldale [St. Lukes Miners Memorial Hospital Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
54PA Martinsburg [Pine Bottom Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
7PS1 Union City [St. Vincent Outpatient Center Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
4PS5 Carmicheal [Muddy Creek Airport], Pennsylvania, US
9PN2 Philadelphia [Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA81 Fayetteville [5 Lakes Airport], Pennsylvania, US
N94 Carlisle, Pennsylvania, US
2PS4 Lancaster [WGAL-TV Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PN24 Freeport [Snider SPB], Pennsylvania, US
80PN Hookstown [Hanny Beaver Airpark Inc.], Pennsylvania, US

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