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Location codes 201-220 of 765 in Pennsylvania, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
19PN Mount Joy [Walnut Grove Airport], Pennsylvania, US
N30 Honesdale [Cherry Ridge Airport], Pennsylvania, US
PN63 Sanatoga [Limerick Generating Station Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA73 East Prospect [D Evans Farm Airport], Pennsylvania, US
3PS4 Millcreek [Mountain Hide-Away Airport], Pennsylvania, US
N47 Pottstown [Muni], Pennsylvania, US
W73 Fairfield [Mid Atlantic Soaring Center Airport], Pennsylvania, US
PA78 Philadelphia [Sports Complex N Lot Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
6PA3 Montgomery [Hackenburg-Penny Hill Airport], Pennsylvania, US
9PS9 Langhorne [St. Mary Medical Center Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
86PA Tipton [7d Farms Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA39 Philadelphia [Penn Presbyterian Medical Center - North Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PS57 State College [Mount Nittany Medical Center Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
9PN9 Pen Argyl [Perin Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA80 Fountain Hill [St. Luke's Hospital Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PN20 Reading [Car Tech Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
6PA6 Moscow [Air Haven Airport], Pennsylvania, US
PN79 Pittsburgh [Passavant Hospital Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PA34 Easton [St. Lukes Anderson Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
PN16 Evans City [Pabst Blue Ribbon Airport], Pennsylvania, US

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