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Location codes 141-160 of 432 in Oregon, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OR47 Junction City [Strauch Field], Oregon, US
OG35 Madras [Mountain View Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US
OR95 McCoy [Vineyard Airport], Oregon, US
OG44 Amity [Miss Kittys Strip], Oregon, US
OR69 Eugene [Sacred Heart General Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US
6OG3 Klamath Falls [Sky Wagon Ranch LLC Airport], Oregon, US
49OR Dayville [Land's Inn Ranch Airport], Oregon, US
OR89 Kinzua, Oregon, US
OG47 Baker City [Three Valleys Ranch Heliport], Oregon, US
9OR3 Klamath Falls [Sky Lakes Medical Center Heliport], Oregon, US
2OR6 Ironside [Lockhart Airport], Oregon, US
5OR6 Ontario [St. Alphonsus Medical Center-Ontario Heliport], Oregon, US
4OR0 Rogue River [Springbrook Airport], Oregon, US
OR83 Oxbow Village [Oxbow Heliport], Oregon, US
OR94 Brownsville [J & J Airport], Oregon, US
OL02 Echo [West Buttercreek Airport], Oregon, US
OR73 Glendale [Calvert Peak Airport], Oregon, US
OG31 Shady Cove [Shady Cove Airpark], Oregon, US
05OG Eugene [Drill Field Pad], Oregon, US
OR86 Jefferson [Gilmour Ag Air Airport], Oregon, US

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