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Location codes 81-100 of 438 in Oregon, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OG19 Madras [Bombay Farms Airport], Oregon, US
S45 Gleneden Beach [Siletz Bay State Airport], Oregon, US
6OR8 Lebanon [Knokey Field], Oregon, US
7S3 Hillsboro [Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark], Oregon, US
OG20 Oregon City [Fairways Airport], Oregon, US
97OG Nyssa [Bybee Field], Oregon, US
OG41 Glendale [Nace Family Airstrip], Oregon, US
53OR Beaverton [Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Heliport], Oregon, US
90OR Lakeview [Lake District Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US
3S7 Manzanita [Nehalem Bay State Airport], Oregon, US
OR99 Medford [Rogue Valley Medical Center Heliport], Oregon, US
2OR1 Antelope [Big Muddy Ranch Airport], Oregon, US
84OR Selma [B Bar Ranch Airport], Oregon, US
OR70 Halfway [Pine Valley Airport], Oregon, US
1OR9 Oregon City [Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center Heliport], Oregon, US
OR26 Lakeview [Farr Airport], Oregon, US
22OG Lakeview [Withrotor Airport], Oregon, US
OG07 Cove [Cove Side Ranch Port Airport], Oregon, US
28U Owyhee [Owyhee Reservoir State Airport], Oregon, US
56S Seaside [Muni], Oregon, US

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