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Location codes 321-340 of 436 in Oregon, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
50OR Bend [Goering Ranches / Chocheta Estates Airport], Oregon, US
OR88 Grants Pass [Jantzer Heliport], Oregon, US
1OR3 North Plains [Sunset Airstrip], Oregon, US
OG21 Prineville [Dry Creek Airpark], Oregon, US
4OR7 Salem [Lusardi Field], Oregon, US
OR45 Coburg [West Point Airport], Oregon, US
OG39 Kimberly [Longview Ranch Airport], Oregon, US
42OR Post [Shotgun Ranch Airstrip], Oregon, US
9OR7 Banks [Fishback Heliport], Oregon, US
OR36 Brookings [Garvins Heliport], Oregon, US
98TE Glide [Hilltop Airport], Oregon, US
OR43 Hood River [Hood River Fire Department Heliport], Oregon, US
OR53 Wapinitia, Oregon, US
OG29 Sandy [McKinnon Airpark], Oregon, US
OR68 Aurora [Columbia Helicopters Heliport], Oregon, US
4OR4 Corvallis [Schrock Airport], Oregon, US
1OR1 Newberg [Chehalem Mountain Heliport], Oregon, US
13OR Oakridge [Aubrey Mountain Airstrip], Oregon, US
4OR3 Albany [Lambert Field], Oregon, US
OG56 Astoria [Station Thirty Heliport], Oregon, US

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