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Location codes 281-300 of 436 in Oregon, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
00S McKenzie Bridge [McKenzie Bridge State Airport], Oregon, US
6OR5 Tualatin [Meridian Park Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US
OR20 Albany [Hemmingson Airport], Oregon, US
4OR1 Salem [McNary ARNG Field Heliport], Oregon, US
22OR Silverton [Iron Crown Airport], Oregon, US
92OR West Linn [Falcon Point Heliport], Oregon, US
28OR Newberg [Parrett Mountain Airport], Oregon, US
OR34 Sisters [Whippet Field], Oregon, US
OG03 Astoria [Columbia Memorial Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US
26U McDermitt [McDermitt State Airport], Oregon, US
03S Sandy [Sandy River Airport], Oregon, US
OR50 Corbett [Lehman Field], Oregon, US
7S9 Hubbard [Lenhardt Airpark], Oregon, US
S48 Sandy [Country Squire Airpark], Oregon, US
7OR8 Seneca [Inshallah Intl], Oregon, US
OR32 Burns [Hooks Strip], Oregon, US
67OG Sheridan [George Airport], Oregon, US
OG23 Sheridan [Poverty Hollow Airport], Oregon, US
R03 Alkali Lake [Alkali Lake State Airport], Oregon, US
6OR7 Boring [Schmidt Airport], Oregon, US

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