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Location codes 221-240 of 436 in Oregon, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OR62 Lewiston [Cache Creek USFS Airport], Oregon, US
OR42 Prineville [Agape Farm Airport], Oregon, US
38OR Boardman [Pge Boardman Heliport], Oregon, US
OG33 Milton/Freewater [Oregon Sky Ranch Airport], Oregon, US
29OR Prineville [Sunrise Valley Ranch Lodge Airport], Oregon, US
15OR Warrenton [Camp Rilea Army Heliport], Oregon, US
OR74 Grants Pass [Winkle Bar Airport], Oregon, US
OG08 Helix [Curtis Airfield], Oregon, US
1JY2 Silver Lake [Mahogany Mountain Airport], Oregon, US
17OG Eugene [Eugene Fire Station #2 Heliport], Oregon, US
0OR0 Medford [Providence Hospital Heliport], Oregon, US
0OR7 Monmouth [Marr Field], Oregon, US
OR59 Yamhill [Trivelpiece Airport], Oregon, US
OR52 Corvallis [Venell Airport], Oregon, US
S49 Vale [Miller Memorial Airpark], Oregon, US
OG34 Tigard [Meyer Riverside Airpark], Oregon, US
18OR Amity [Red's Field], Oregon, US
OR44 Rogue River [Grave-King Airport], Oregon, US
95OR Roseburg [Flournoy Valley Airport], Oregon, US
8OR3 Days Creek [Riverview Ranch Airport], Oregon, US

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