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Location codes 121-140 of 154 in Nevada, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
1NV1 Fallon [Fallon Southwest Airpark], Nevada, US
NV37 Nelson [Eldorado Substation Heliport], Nevada, US
2NV8 Pahrump [Mercy Air-Pahrump Heliport], Nevada, US
32NV Henderson [Henderson Hospital Heliport], Nevada, US
2NV3 Mesquite [Vista Del Monte Lot 55 Heliport], Nevada, US
N59 Smith [Rosaschi Air Park], Nevada, US
NV67 Montello [Pilot Creek Ranches Airport], Nevada, US
NV72 Wellington [Sweetwater Airport (Usmc)], Nevada, US
NV73 Pahrump [Precious Materials Heliport], Nevada, US
05NV Baker [Baker Ranches Airport], Nevada, US
06NV Baker [Silver Creek Airport], Nevada, US
E85 Denio [Denio Junction Airport], Nevada, US
02NV Winnemucca [Paiute Meadows Airport], Nevada, US
18NV Empire, Nevada, US
1L3 Searchlight, Nevada, US
NV23 Sparks [Air Sailing Gliderport], Nevada, US
01U Duckwater, Nevada, US
NV10 Searchlight [Renegades Mines Partners LLC Heliport], Nevada, US
2Q9 Dyer, Nevada, US
NV14 Montello [Juniper Airport], Nevada, US

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