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Location codes 61-80 of 151 in Nevada, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GRBA Great Basin National Park [Great Basin NP], Nevada, US
NV22 Elko [Red Rock Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
N86 Reno [Spanish Springs Airport], Nevada, US
3Q0 Mina, Nevada, US
10U Owyhee, Nevada, US
O43 Yerington [Muni], Nevada, US
NV97 Wellington [Desert Creek Airport], Nevada, US
64NV Las Vegas [St. Rose Dominican San Martin Campus Heliport], Nevada, US
NV78 Reno [Remsa/Care Flight Heliport], Nevada, US
NV54 Pahrump [Flying S Ranch Ultralight Flightpark], Nevada, US
NV35 Austin [Hudson Airport], Nevada, US
NV05 Gerlach [Soldier Meadow Number 2 Airport], Nevada, US
NV27 Dyer [Circle L Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
25NV Carson City [Parker Carson Airport], Nevada, US
NV25 Henderson [St. Rose Dominican Hospital Heliport], Nevada, US
04NV Sandy Valley [Kingston Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
NV98 Pahrump [Caas Airport], Nevada, US
NV57 Reno [Renown Regional Medical Center Heliport], Nevada, US
NV08 Mountain City [Petan Ranch Airport], Nevada, US
99NV Mesquite [Mesa View Regional Hospital Heliport], Nevada, US

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