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Location codes 81-100 of 254 in Nebraska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
24NE Lakeside [Orr Airport], Nebraska, US
NE25 North Platte [Orr Field], Nebraska, US
5NE2 Shubert [Eickhoff Strip], Nebraska, US
7K8 South Sioux City [Martin Field], Nebraska, US
51NE Fort Calhoun [Bil Lo Airport], Nebraska, US
0NE1 Ashby [Runner Landing Area Airport], Nebraska, US
NE49 Gretna [Koke Airport], Nebraska, US
7V7 Red Cloud [Muni], Nebraska, US
4V6 Hay Springs [Muni], Nebraska, US
87NE York [Knox Landing Airport], Nebraska, US
1NE2 Callaway [Witthuhn Airport], Nebraska, US
6NE7 Bartley [Lee Field], Nebraska, US
6K3 Creighton [Muni], Nebraska, US
NE60 Lincoln [St. Elizabeth Community Health Center Heliport], Nebraska, US
8V2 Atkinson [Stuart-Atkinson Muni], Nebraska, US
64V Wallace [Muni], Nebraska, US
0B4 Hartington [Muni/ Bud Becker Field], Nebraska, US
0C4 Pender [Muni], Nebraska, US
36NE Wausa [Frevert Airstrip], Nebraska, US
NE15 Maywood [Frontier Field], Nebraska, US

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