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Location codes 21-40 of 262 in Nebraska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KBIE BIE BIE Beatrice [Muni], Nebraska, US
KCEK CEK Crete [Muni], Nebraska, US
KLXN LXN LXN Lexington [Jim Kelly Field], Nebraska, US
KLCG LCG Wayne [Muni/ Stan Morris Field], Nebraska, US
KHJH HJH Hebron [Muni], Nebraska, US
KCNP CNP Chappell [Billy G Ray Field], Nebraska, US
KAUH AUH Aurora [Muni - Al Potter Field], Nebraska, US
KGTE GTE Gothenburg [Muni], Nebraska, US
KFBY FBY FBY Fairbury [Muni], Nebraska, US
KGRN GRN GRN Gordon [Muni], Nebraska, US
KHSI HSI HSI Hastings [Muni], Nebraska, US
KCZD CZD Cozad [Muni], Nebraska, US
4NE0 Madrid [Regier Brothers Airport], Nebraska, US
KJYR JYR York [Muni], Nebraska, US
KAFK AFK Nebraska City [Muni], Nebraska, US
KFET FET FET Fremont [Muni], Nebraska, US
KCSB CSB Cambridge [Muni], Nebraska, US
KBTA BTA Blair [Muni], Nebraska, US
KSWT SWT Seward [Muni], Nebraska, US
KMHN MHN MHN Mullen [Hooker County Airport], Nebraska, US

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