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Location codes 201-220 of 257 in Nebraska, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
2NE6 Grainton [Coppersmith Airport], Nebraska, US
35NE Ogallala [Shelburnes Airport], Nebraska, US
96NE Arcadia [Riverbend Airport], Nebraska, US
NE41 Scottsbluff [Regional West Medical Center Heliport], Nebraska, US
NE05 Firth [Cherry Heliport], Nebraska, US
NE78 Norfolk [Kohles Airport], Nebraska, US
73NE Waverly [Bornmann Field Airport], Nebraska, US
NE44 Elgin [Koinzan Airport], Nebraska, US
0NE4 Franklin [Franklin County Memorial Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US
NE06 Lynch [Woolf Brothers Airport], Nebraska, US
9NE4 Lindsay [Johnston Field], Nebraska, US
NE90 Hastings [Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US
NE59 Lincoln [Pester Airport], Nebraska, US
NE21 Oxford [Clyde Airfield], Nebraska, US
NE22 North Platte [Great Plains Regional Medical Center Heliport], Nebraska, US
08K Harvard [Harvard State Airport], Nebraska, US
3NE3 Holdrege [Wells Airport], Nebraska, US
NE64 Hershey [Hershey Flying Service Field], Nebraska, US
NE84 Aurora [Memorial Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US
98NE Glenvil [Munsterman Airport], Nebraska, US

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