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Location codes 41-60 of 236 in Mississippi, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KJVW JVW Raymond [John Bell Williams Airport], Mississippi, US
KPMU PMU Batesville [Panola County Airport], Mississippi, US
KSLJ SLJ Camp Shelby [Hagler Army Heliport], Mississippi, US
02CD Clarksdale [Shannon Field], Mississippi, US
4MS4 Shannon [Spearman Field], Mississippi, US
MS70 Philadelphia [McLain - Calico Airport], Mississippi, US
MS57 Woodville [Fred Netterville Lbr Co. Wilkinson Commnty Airport], Mississippi, US
0MS7 Pass Christian [Addison-Henley Field], Mississippi, US
2M4 Forest [G V Montgomery Airport], Mississippi, US
MS59 Hermanville [Valley of The Moon Airport], Mississippi, US
SH1 Camp Shelby [Shelby Auxiliary Field One Airport], Mississippi, US
M40 Aberdeen/Amory [Monroe County Airport], Mississippi, US
5MS7 New Albany [Baptist Memorial Hospital Union County Heliport], Mississippi, US
MS87 Pascagoula [Ben L Briggs Heliport], Mississippi, US
MS50 Monticello [Clay Airport], Mississippi, US
3MS8 Scooba [Fairview Farms Airport], Mississippi, US
MS58 Florence [Tullos Field], Mississippi, US
0MS3 Oxford [Baptist Memorial Hospital-North MS Heliport], Mississippi, US
M72 New Albany [New Albany-Union County Airport], Mississippi, US
09M Charleston [Muni], Mississippi, US

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