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Location codes 161-180 of 510 in Missouri, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MU91 Osage Beach [Lake Regional Health System Heliport], Missouri, US
MO76 Saint Robert [Life Line 2 Heliport], Missouri, US
06MO Waldron [Noah's Ark Airport], Missouri, US
48MO California [Lions Emergency Evac Heliport], Missouri, US
H17 Buffalo [Muni], Missouri, US
MU70 Ozark [Skyview Airport], Missouri, US
11MU Gainesville [Rocky Top Airfield], Missouri, US
4MO6 Louisiana [Mark Twain Air Park], Missouri, US
MO55 St. Louis [SSM Health St. Louis University Hospital Heliport], Missouri, US
7MO7 Golden City [McGuire Airfield], Missouri, US
MO60 St. Louis [SSM Health St. Clare Hospital-Fenton Heliport], Missouri, US
MO13 Anderson [B and S Farms Airfield], Missouri, US
8MO7 Rushville [Bean Lake Airport], Missouri, US
MO80 Mountain Grove [Oak Ridge Airpark], Missouri, US
22MO Osceola [Scout Nest Heliport], Missouri, US
7MO3 Pineville [B S Ranch Airport], Missouri, US
31MO Bolckow [Hannah Airport], Missouri, US
MU00 Paris [Samuel L Clemens Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
20MO Branson West [Life Line Base 1 Heliport], Missouri, US
MO68 Fair Grove [Eads Ridge Airport], Missouri, US

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