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Location codes 41-60 of 516 in Missouri, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KLLU LLU Lamar [Muni], Missouri, US
KMHL MHL MHL Marshall [Marshall Memorial Muni], Missouri, US
KUBX UBX Cuba [Muni], Missouri, US
KLRY LRY Harrisonville [Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
KTRX TRX TRX Trenton [Muni], Missouri, US
OSB K15 Osage Beach [Grand Glaize-Osage Beach Airport], Missouri, US
VRS 3VS Versailles [Roy Otten Memorial Airfield], Missouri, US
KBUM BUM BUM Butler [Butler Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
KEZZ EZZ Cameron [Cameron Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
KFWB FWB Branson West [Muni - Emerson Field], Missouri, US
KTVB TVB Cabool [Cabool Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
KHIG HIG Higginsville [Higginsville Industrial Muni], Missouri, US
KCHT CHT Chillicothe [Muni], Missouri, US
KHFJ HFJ Monett [Monett Regional], Missouri, US
KAOV AOV Ava [Ava Bill Martin Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
KMYJ MYJ Mexico [Mexico Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
5MO9 New Boston [Oak Ridge Farms Airport], Missouri, US
KFYG FYG Washington [Washington Regional], Missouri, US
KUNO UNO West Plains [West Plains Regional], Missouri, US
KUUV UUV Sullivan [Sullivan Regional], Missouri, US

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