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Location codes 441-460 of 510 in Missouri, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MO01 Strafford [Cuinche Airport], Missouri, US
MU33 Hurdland [Harrison Airport], Missouri, US
MO52 Sullivan [Missouri Baptist Hospital Heliport], Missouri, US
3MO2 Berger [Ultra Flight Airpark Ultralight Flightpark], Missouri, US
5MO4 Ellington [Southeast Health of Reynolds County Heliport], Missouri, US
2MO2 Holt [Northwood Airport], Missouri, US
MO20 Nevada [Nevada Regional Medical Center Heliport], Missouri, US
MU29 Poplar Bluff [Three Rivers Healthcare Hospital Heliport], Missouri, US
MU89 Troy [Woodland Airstrip], Missouri, US
MU18 Warrenton [Stark Airport], Missouri, US
MO17 Watson [Garst Airport], Missouri, US
71MO Wakenda [Famuliner Farms Airport], Missouri, US
MO73 Williamsville [Rolling Shoals Farm Airport], Missouri, US
MO35 Eolia [Harvey Airport], Missouri, US
MU92 Kirksville [Northeast Regional Medical Center Heliport], Missouri, US
46MO Lebanon [Mercy Hospital-Lebanon Heliport], Missouri, US
5MO1 Moberly [Irons Airport], Missouri, US
9MO8 Owensville [Owensville Ambulance District Heliport], Missouri, US
94MO West Plains [Ray's Roost Airport], Missouri, US
MO28 Blue Springs [Blue Springs Heliport], Missouri, US

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