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Location codes 361-380 of 512 in Missouri, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
29MO Smithville [Rollert Farm Airport], Missouri, US
38MO Annada [Barber Airport], Missouri, US
MO53 Bethany [Meadows Airport], Missouri, US
02MO Troy [Troy Airpark], Missouri, US
0MU1 Avilla [Sunderland Airport], Missouri, US
1MO8 Gravois Mills [Sherlock Field], Missouri, US
MO65 Kirbyville [Misty Meadows Airport], Missouri, US
43MO Pleasant Hill [Riordan Airport], Missouri, US
MO23 California [Phillips Field], Missouri, US
39MO Springfield [Gardner Airport], Missouri, US
H79 Eldon [Eldon Model Airpark], Missouri, US
4MO2 Lancaster [Newcomb Hereford Ranch Airport], Missouri, US
1MO4 Gallatin [Landmark Manufacturing Corporation Airport], Missouri, US
2MO1 Willard [Bird Field], Missouri, US
K26 Carrollton [Carrollton Memorial Airport], Missouri, US
2MO5 Houston [Pegasus Ranch Aerodrome], Missouri, US
MU24 Cedarcreek [Brass Lantern Airpark], Missouri, US
9MO2 Marshall [Fitzgibbon Hospital Heliport], Missouri, US
32MO Fredericktown [Phillips Airport], Missouri, US
51MO Plattsburg [Plattsburg Airpark], Missouri, US

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