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Location codes 281-300 of 510 in Missouri, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
35MO Nevada [Camp Clark Army Heliport], Missouri, US
MO1 Richland [Muni], Missouri, US
2MO7 Warrenton [Fawn Lake Airport], Missouri, US
25MO Carl Junction [Cook Airport], Missouri, US
MO39 Silex [Baldwin Airport], Missouri, US
MO24 Craig [Lonesome Sky Airport], Missouri, US
0C1 Dearborn [Triple R Airport], Missouri, US
MU25 Houston [Piney Bend Airport], Missouri, US
78MO Lynchburg [Snouffer Field], Missouri, US
MO77 Ava [Arnika Ranch Airport], Missouri, US
MU53 Kennett [Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center Heliport], Missouri, US
6MU9 Licking [Craddock Field], Missouri, US
MO78 Belle [Stickle Cattle Farms Airport], Missouri, US
MU10 Cape Girardeau [Southeast Health Heliport], Missouri, US
MO22 Carl Junction [Jta Asbell Field], Missouri, US
MO47 Mexico [Air Ambulance Heliport], Missouri, US
79MU Smithville [Dunham Airport (Private)], Missouri, US
2M5 Stockton [Stockton Lake SPB], Missouri, US
61MU Faucett [Farris Strip], Missouri, US
0MU2 Florissant [Christian Hospital Northeast Heliport], Missouri, US

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