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Location codes 101-120 of 467 in Minnesota, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
69MN Breckenridge [Yaggie Airport (Private)], Minnesota, US
MN81 East Grand Forks [J J and T Airport], Minnesota, US
MY89 Pine City [Pavek Personal Airport], Minnesota, US
30MN Albert Lea [Mayo Clinic Health System - Albert Lea Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN74 Minnesota Lake [B & D Flyers Intl], Minnesota, US
MN31 Litchfield [L & M Aerodrome], Minnesota, US
Y58 Sleepy Eye [Muni], Minnesota, US
3MN6 Mankato [Mayo Clinic Health System-Mankato Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN00 Hackensack [Webb Lake Airport], Minnesota, US
M16 East Gull Lake [Steam Boat Bay SPB], Minnesota, US
0MN3 Jenkins [Lower Hay Lake SPB], Minnesota, US
4MN1 New York Mills [Hintzman Airport], Minnesota, US
MN80 Mound [The Pass SPB], Minnesota, US
2MN8 Rochester [Med-City Aviation Airport], Minnesota, US
55Y Rushford [Muni/Robert W Bunke Field], Minnesota, US
MY33 New Brighton [Rosacker's Number 1 SPB], Minnesota, US
MN34 Austin [St. Olaf Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US
47Y Pelican Rapids [Muni-Lyon's Field], Minnesota, US
6D1 Brooten [Muni/John O Bohmer Field], Minnesota, US
12Y Le Sueur [Muni], Minnesota, US

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