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Location codes 41-60 of 467 in Minnesota, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
KLJF LJF Litchfield [Muni], Minnesota, US
KCKC GRM CKC Grand Marais [Grand Marais/Cook County Airport], Minnesota, US
KROX ROX ROX Roseau [Muni/Rudy Billberg Field], Minnesota, US
KADC ADC Wadena [Muni], Minnesota, US
KHCD HCD Hutchinson [Muni/Butler Field], Minnesota, US
KPNM PNM Princeton [Muni], Minnesota, US
KSBU SBU Blue Earth [Muni], Minnesota, US
KDYT DYT Duluth [Sky Harbor Airport], Minnesota, US
KCFE CFE Buffalo [Muni], Minnesota, US
KCHU CHU Caledonia [Houston County Airport], Minnesota, US
KPKD PKD PKD Park Rapids [Muni/Konshok Field], Minnesota, US
KFOZ FOZ Bigfork [Muni], Minnesota, US
KCQM CQM Cook [Muni], Minnesota, US
KMJQ MJQ MJQ Jackson [Muni], Minnesota, US
KLVN LVN Minneapolis [Airlake Airport], Minnesota, US
KXVG XVG Longville [Muni], Minnesota, US
KMML MML MML Marshall [Southwest Minnesota Regional Marshall/Ryan Field], Minnesota, US
KFSE FSE Fosston [Muni/Anderson Field], Minnesota, US
KCKN CKN CKN Crookston [Muni/Kirkwood Field], Minnesota, US
KRWF RWF RWF Redwood Falls [Muni], Minnesota, US

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