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Location codes 341-360 of 468 in Minnesota, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MN52 Hibbing [Gospel Ranch Airport], Minnesota, US
48MN Northfield [Northfield Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US
5MN9 Middle River [Chanlin Field], Minnesota, US
5MN1 Nary [Nary National-Shefland Field], Minnesota, US
MY68 Wheaton [Johnsons Aero Repair Airport], Minnesota, US
4MN0 Crane Lake [Crane Lake Volunteer Fire Department Heliport], Minnesota, US
47MN Norwood [Sons Private-Commercial Airport], Minnesota, US
MN84 Benson [Benson Heliport], Minnesota, US
35MN Inver Grove Heights [Wipline Airport], Minnesota, US
MN88 Searles [Landeplatz Airport], Minnesota, US
MN13 Bemidji [Moberg AB Airport], Minnesota, US
96M Bemidji [Moberg AB Seaplane Base], Minnesota, US
MN11 Benson [Lorenz Airport], Minnesota, US
2MN0 East Grand Forks [Pribbs Field], Minnesota, US
MY59 Euclid [Gasper Airport], Minnesota, US
09I International Falls [International Falls SPB], Minnesota, US
56MN Morton [Lothert's Farm Strip], Minnesota, US
27MN Lake Bronson, Minnesota, US
78MN Gatzke [Hagens Airport], Minnesota, US
89MN Little Falls [St. Gabriels Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US

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