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Location codes 321-340 of 468 in Minnesota, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MY96 Faribault [Bahnsen SPB], Minnesota, US
MN90 Luverne [Sanford Hospital Luverne Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN19 Delano [Brandt Airport], Minnesota, US
MN14 Blue Earth [United Hospital District Heliport], Minnesota, US
69MY Farmington [Hall Airport], Minnesota, US
43MN Saginaw [Superior Aero Estates Airport], Minnesota, US
MN62 Hutchinson [Quast Airport], Minnesota, US
MY29 Lake Park [Kaiser's Airstrip], Minnesota, US
7MN8 Thief River Falls [Willis Airport], Minnesota, US
34MN Baudette [Lakewood Health Center Heliport], Minnesota, US
3MN8 Cannon Falls [Cannon Falls Medical Center Heliport], Minnesota, US
2MY4 Clear Lake [Miller Airport], Minnesota, US
5MN1 Nary [Nary National-Shefland Field], Minnesota, US
MN26 Wadena [Tri-County Heliport], Minnesota, US
4MN0 Crane Lake [Crane Lake Volunteer Fire Department Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN96 International Falls [International Falls Customs & Border Patrol Heliport], Minnesota, US
MY12 Trosky [Dykstra Acreage Airport], Minnesota, US
6MN1 Arlington [Sibley Medical Center Heliport], Minnesota, US
MN57 Hinckley [Bush Field], Minnesota, US
MN59 Faribault [District One Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US

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