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Location codes 301-320 of 474 in Minnesota, United States:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
25MN Deerwood [Shirt Lake SPB], Minnesota, US
6MN5 French Lake [Gale's SPB], Minnesota, US
2MN1 Gluek [Winter Strip], Minnesota, US
1MN7 Crosby [Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Heliport], Minnesota, US
M69 Deerwood [Birch Lake SPB], Minnesota, US
GRPO Grand Portage National Monument [Grand Portage NM], Minnesota, US
52MN Kennedy [Anderson Field], Minnesota, US
34MN Baudette [Lakewood Health Center Heliport], Minnesota, US
25D Forest Lake, Minnesota, US
7MN2 Tower [Eagles Nest SPB], Minnesota, US
MY50 Frontenac, Minnesota, US
MN55 Hastings [Sandy Flats Airport], Minnesota, US
MN63 Jordan [Stocker Airport], Minnesota, US
MN64 Olivia [Renville County Regional Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US
MY68 Wheaton [Johnsons Aero Repair Airport], Minnesota, US
MN21 Chanhassen Village [Rileys Landing SPB], Minnesota, US
6MN4 Lindstrom [North Center Lake SPB], Minnesota, US
48MN Northfield [Northfield Hospital Heliport], Minnesota, US
MY86 Rockford [Johnson SPB], Minnesota, US
2MN9 Warren [North Valley Health Center Heliport], Minnesota, US

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